Hand Made For Richmond

Handmade for Richmond, we opened in June 2015 with a European setting as a place for locals of the surrounding area to gather and enjoy. Lots of work went into the creation of the space – we individually glazed 3000+ tiles , sourced local wood from Woodend, all our leather is hand stitched by a Cremorne upholsterer, all of our bespoke steel work from vaulted front windows, suspended shelving to table and stool bases were hand crafted in Castlemaine.

As with a European town square, we have become a meeting place where people gather, celebrate and catch up with one another as they watch Swan Street go by. The scene is set with our quirky side entrance, distressed wall and even our own hand crafted Saint Urban statues – one of them looks down and keeps an eye on pedestrians, traffic and trams as they go by. We hope to see you soon for a glass of interesting wine, a quick bite to eat or a catching up with friends and family.

Saint Urban was the bishop of Langres in France in the 4th Century and was Persecuted for his beliefs. He was protected by the vine-dressers in his parish, who hid him in their vineyards. He in turn, converted them to Christianity. Saint Urban is called upon to protect anyone in the wine industry against blight and alcoholism. Fast forward to the 21st Century, there is a little tongue in cheek involved also, when Saint Urban is said fast it sounds like “Suburban” which pays homage to having your own local watering hole with a European feel. We of course serve drinks responsibly and welcome you to make it your own place.